Three.js Model Loaders Demo

Use the mouse to rotate the model.

Available models:

About the Models:

The Teapot is the standard Utah teapot. The next five models are
from the examples folder in the three.js download. The arrowhead was
created using Blender and is original.

The Teapot is defined by a JavaScript file that is loaded into the
program along with the other scripts. It simply defines an object that
includes all the data necessary to define the teapot model.

The Horse, Stork, and Tree examples are small models, containing a
fairly small number of polygons. The Horse and Stork come along with
colors, so that different parts of the object can have different colors.
The Elf and WaltHead examples are large, high-quality models. The Elf
comes with texture images that are mapped onto the basic model. For the
Elf, 2.6 megabytes of data have to be loaded, and 1.1 megabytes for WaltHead.
The Arrowhead is a fairly small model, with 768 faces in 22 kilobytes.

Except for Teapot, objects are loaded using three.js loaders, which are
provided along with the examples in the three.js download. Note that
because of security restrictions in web browsers, the loaders will probably
fail if this page comes from your local disk instead of from a web server.
See the documentation about running three.js examples locally.
(But note that the problem only applyes to some three.js programs.)