David J. Eck

List of Honors Projects and
Independent Studies Supervised

Independent work is an important part of the experience of many students at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Many students do independent studies and honors work.

An independent study is a one-term project that counts as a course. Many students use independent studies as a way of covering material not found in our regular courses. Others do special projects, such as a single large-scale programming project. Generally, a student doing independent study meets twice a week with the professor supervising the course.

An Honors Project is a full-year project, usually undertaken in the senior year. It is equivalent of several independent studies on a single topic, except that it must result in a long paper (generally on the order of fifty to one hundred pages) and it culminates in an oral examination administered by three examiners.

Another oportunity for independent work is offered by summer research projects supported by the Colleges. Project proposals are funded competatively. A student who is awarded one of these summer research grants works intensively on a project for about eight weeks.

This is a list of the Honors projects, independent study courses, and summer research projects supervised by Professor David Eck.

Honors Projects Supervised:

Independent Studies Supervised:

Summer Research Projects Supervised: