Math Placement Test

THIS placement test is used by the Departments of Mathematics,
Geoscience, and Economics. A score of 20 (out of 30) on the test is
required for enrollment in Math 130 and for Geo 182, 184, and 186.
For Econ 160, the requirement is a score of 16 out of 30.

The test covers mainly algebra and pre-calculus math.
You might want to review that material before attempting the test.

YOU should not use a calculator, mathematical software, course
notes, textbooks, the Internet, or any additional materials or aids while
taking the test. You can use scrap paper to work out solutions.
Submission of the test indicates that you have not received help from
anyone nor used any other aids during the test.

Note that you must answer all 30 questions before you can finish the test.
You will not be permitted to retake the test during the same registration
period. After that, you can make a request to retake the test.

For more information about this test and about mathematics
courses at Hobart and William Smith, please click here.

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