David Eck's Java Page

This page contains links to Java applets and other Java-related material that I have written. I expect this collection to grow with time (if only slowly). Also check out my home page.

Java Components for Mathematics

This represents an attempt to develop a set of reusable Java components that can be combined to create educational mathematics applets. In addition to the components, the project includes a set of sample applets that can be used with no programming.

xFunctions for Java

xFunctions is an applet for exploring various topics in pre-calculus and calculus mathematics. In addition to basic graphing, it does parametric curves, Riemann sums, derivatives, integral curves, and 3D graphs. This is a port of my popular Macintosh program of the same name.

Applets for The Most Complex Machine

I have written a set of seven applets for use with my introductory computer science textbook, The Most Complex Machine. Each applet deals with some specific aspect of computer science, such as logic circuits, programming, or computer graphics. There is also a set of "lab worksheets" that use the applets. For full details and links to the applets and labs, see http://math.hws.edu/TMCM/java/.

On-line Java Text

This is complete, eleven-chapter text on introductory programming, using Java as the language of instruction. I used it in a class I've taught several times since 1996. It includes about many applets, with source code.

Cellular Automata and the Edge of Chaos

Educational pages and applets dealing with one-dimensional cellular automata. The main applet, EdgeOfChaosCA, can make some very nice pictures, but go to the index page to get full information.

Genetic Algorithms Demo

In this applet, you can watch as simulated organisms evolve over a number of generations. You get to control some aspects of the world in which they live. The applet is a simple demonstration of the genetic algorithm.

Mandelbrot Set Applets

The Mandelbrot set is well-known, and I will not describe it here. You can find lots of information about it on the Internet. This page has two applets that I've written for exploring this set. These applets require Java 1.4 or higher.

Pentominos Puzzle Solver

An applet that solves pentominos puzzles, which involve placing twelve pieces of various shapes on a board. Fun to watch.

Chaos Game (Iterated Function Systems)

This applet creates fractal images using the well-known "chaos game." An image is made up of smaller, transformed copies of itself. Each copy is obtained by applying an "affine map" to the image as a whole. In this applet, you can interactively create and edit affine maps.

Some Small, Decorative Applets