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About EdgeOfChaosCA

This directory and the subdirectory xca contain the Java source code for version 2.01 of EdgeOfChaosCA. This version requires Java 1.4 or higher. (Version 2.01, September 2006, fixes a problem with scrolling of the image under Mac OS.) The file contains the commands needed to compile the source code and to build a jar file containing the program. (The commands as give work on Linux/UNIX. For windows, replace the "/" characters in the commands with "\".) The compiled program can then be run with the command

java -jar

A copy of the source code can be downloaded as

If you prefer, you can download the compiled jar file as EdgeOfChaosCA.jar.

For more information about the program, see this information page.

Note: The author apologizes for the fact that the source code is completely lacking in comments.