Mandelbrot Examples

This page contains a variety of images created with the Mandelbrot Viewer program. Clicking on an image will load that example into the Mandelbrot applet so that you can experiment with it. The page will have a link to the settings file that produces the example. (This assumes that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser; if not, the images below will link directly to the associated settings files.) Any settings file can also be loaded into the program xMandelbrot.jar (the standalong application vesion ofthe viewer program) using the "Open Settings File..." command in the "File" menu of that program. It can also be used with the command-line program, MandelbrotCL.jar. See the main page for more information about these programs.

(This image gallery is just a collection of images that I have saved over the years for one reason or another. I have not organized the gallery or weeded out less interesting examples.)

--David Eck