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Welcome to the home page of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This site is rather new. Expect it to grow slowly with time. Suggestions for items to be included here would be appreciated. Send comments to David Eck (


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This site is located on a Macintosh IIci running Chuck Shotton's HTTP server for Macintosh, MacHTTP. If you are interested in learning more about MacHTTP, here is the MacHTTP documentation that came with the server.

The same Mac is also running Peter Lewis' FPTd server, which is visible on the Internet as a Gopher server as well as an anonymous FTP server at (Some WWW browsers seem to have trouble reading from the FTP server, so use the Gopher for direct access from your WWW browser. It's faster anyway.) For the time being, the only thing on this server is some free math-related Macintosh software.