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Computer Science 124:
Introduction to Programming Using Java
Second Edition, Fall 1998

David J. Eck

WELCOME TO the on-line textbook for Computer Science 124: Introductory Programming, a course that was taught in the Fall term of 1998, at Hobart and William Smith Colleges by David Eck (email: The course is an introductory course on the theory and techniques of programming, using Java as the language of instruction. It has no prerequisites. If you want to learn more about the course, see its information page at A set of labs that were used in the course is available online at To learn more about this on-line text, including usage restrictions, please read its preface.

This is the "second edition" of a text that was used previously in Fall 1996 and Winter 1998. This version uses Java 1.1. If you read this text with a Web browser that only supports Java 1.0, most of the applets in the text won't work! See the preface for more information on Java 1.0 and Java 1.1. The "first edition" of this text, which used Java 1.0, is still available at

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David Eck, 18 August 1998
Corrections and slight revisions, 14 November 1998.