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News from Allison Doherty (WS '19)

Mathematics and Computer Science double major Allison Doherty '19 started working at SRC, Inc. in Syracuse just after graduation. Some of what she does is classified, but she was able to tell us a little about what she does. She says, "SRC has many projects going on but I'm part of the electronic warfare division. When US Air Force planes are traveling through other countries, they have radars which constantly communicate with other war types of machinery that are on the ground. The plane can tell which are friendly and made by SRC, or which ones are from an unfriendly country. If they're unfriendly, then our plane can ping down and receive information from that specific machine from the ground and find out all sorts of things about it, such as which country it's from, if it can shoot missiles, how high the missiles can go, etc. And the plane will use this info to defend us, for instance by telling the pilot to fly at a certain height so no missiles will reach it. It can also jam the machine on the ground so it thinks our plane is in a certain location when it really isn't. I'm a software engineer on the project for improving that technology."

Posted 13 August 2019

Curiel (H '17) Finishes Masters and Heads to PhD Program

Mark Curiel (H '17), who was a mathematics and music double major, has just finished his Masters in mathematics at San Jose State University. He researched with Dr. Elizabeth Gross (an algebraic statistician), and wrote a thesis on chemical reaction network theory which involves edge colorings in a special hypergraph. In August he heads to the University of Hawaii to work on his PhD!

Posted 10 July 2019

Brautigam (H'04) Completes MBA

Karl Brautigam '04, who was a computer science major at Hobart has written us with news that he has recently received a Master of Business Administration degree. He writes:

"I recently completed my MBA with distinction at the University of Connecticut School of Business. I continue to work in the Media & Technology sectors, presently as a research and strategy professional at Disney Advertising Sales, a unit of Disney Direct-To-Consumer & International (DTCI). I work within an organization that is part of the business unit of the Walt Disney Company that houses all of Disney's advertising sales, international and direct-to-consumer operations, including the forthcoming Disney+ subscription video on demand (SVOD) service."

Posted 25 June 2019

News From Krista Anken

Krista Anken '17 writes that she has been working at a US Air Force lab and is applying to graduate school, where she plans to take courses part-time, leading to a Master's degree. Krista was a computer science major at William Smith, with a minor in mathematics.

About her job, Krista says, "I work at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate in Rome, NY. Our Mission is to explore, prototype and demonstrate high-impact, game changing technologies that enable the Air Force and Nation to maintain its superior technical advantage. The first few months I've spent time performing research and development of technologies focused on text analysis, geo-spatial object tracking and multi-intelligence data fusion."

Posted 7 December 2017

News From William Bird

Billy Bird '17, who majored in computer science at Hobart, writes with some news about what he has been doing since graduation.

Billy has been working for the past three months for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. His position there is DevOps Engineer, and he says that he really likes the work and his co-workers.

Billy writes, "I'm working on an NSF (National Science Foundation) project, and we support 15 different internal and public applications. DevOps is super interesting (google it!). We're sort of 'generalists,' or 'full stack;' we support every application team through continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated testing, and other cool stuff. There's a big learning curve, but I'm having a blast."

Posted 6 December 2017

Bochynski '08 Art Installation

Joe Bochynski (Hobart '08) has written to tell us that he is showing a new public work in the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens in New York City. The installation is part of the Socrates Annual, which bills itself as "an annual exhibition of new public art that addresses the most urgent issues of today." Joe's work will be on view for the next six months. The title of the work is "POTUS, 2017". It is 12-by-12-by-5 feet in size and uses tile, cement, and stanchions. Two photos are shown below.

Joe was a double major in math and art who has gone on to make a career as an artist. Visit his web site at

Posted 3 October 2017

Luke DeLuccia '15 Does Robotics

Luke Deluccia '15, who majored in computer science at Hobart College, was profiled in an article on the HWS web site, DeLuccia '15 Pursues Career in Robotics.

Luke took a course in robotics and was inspired to pursue several independent studies on the topic with Professor John Vaughn. He also took part in a summer undergraduate research experience at the University of California, San Diego. He went on to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed an engineering master's degree in robotics in 2017. He has recently accepted a job with SRI International, a Stanford University spin-off that now serves as an independent, nonprofit research center. His position there focuses on vision and learning.

Posted 17 August 2017

Mathematics and Baseball

William Smith alum and math major Kimberly Oaks Holmes is Senior Vice President of Strategic Analytics, XL Group (Insurance and Reinsurance). She recently published an article entitled Winning in a Competitive Environment: Who knew Baseball and Insurance had so much in common? The article provides an overview of how analytics are being used in both baseball (Billy Beane of Moneyball fame) and the insurance business.

Posted 4 April 2015

iPhone Game by Shaun Viguerie '12

Hobart Alum and Computer Science Major Shaun Viguerie '12 reports that he has started writing mobile phone apps, working together with Marc Bertucci H'12. Their first entry in the iPhone store is a game called "Rocky River," in which the player tries to guide a salmon upstream through a river full of rocks. Shaun says, "Be forewarned -- the game IS difficult -- there is a rhythm to it -- once its figured out the game becomes quite fun and addicting." A version for Android should be coming soon.

For his regular job, Shaun works at Markit Financial Information Services, along with fellow HWS alumni Kathryn Middleton '14 and Joseph Howe '14.

Posted 24 November 2014

Joe Bochynski (Math and Studio Art, 2007)

Joe has an upcoming solo show at TFNF Gallery in Brooklyn. The show, entitled Permission, consists of a new series of figurative wall sculptures made with ceramic tile.

All are welcome to the opening reception this Friday, November 7, 2014 from 6 to 9 PM at
TFNF Gallery
89 Bridge Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
The show will be on view until November 28th. Open gallery hours are on Saturdays, 12 - 4 PM. See more at Relationships.

Posted 2 November 2014