Course pages from past semesters

Fall 2018: Integral Calculus (Canvas) (HWS Math 131)
Intro to proof (Canvas) (HWS Math 135)
Spring 2018: Differential Calculus (Canvas) (HWS Math 130)
Multivariate Calculus (Canvas) (HWS Math 232)
Fall 2017: Integral Calculus (Canvas) (HWS Math 131)
Spring 2017: Integral Calculus (Kodiak) (WNE Math 134)
Analysis (Kodiak) (WNE MAMT 564)
Fall 2016: Linear Algebra (Kodiak) (WNE Math 306)
Engineering Analysis (Kodiak) (WNE Math 350)
What is mathematics? (WNE MAMT 548)
Spring 2016: Discrete mathematics (CU Math 2001)
Fall 2015: Number theory (CU Math 6110)
Discrete mathematics (CU Math 2001)
Spring 2015: Linear algebra (CU Math 3130)
Introduction to Analysis (CU Math 3001)
Fall 2014: Introduction to Analysis (CU Math 3001)
Spring 2014: Linear algebra (UMass Math 235)
Fall 2013: Multivariate calculus (UMass Math 233)

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