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Fall 2015

Discrete mathematics (Math 2001)

Text: Richard Hammack's Book of Proof available on his website.



Proof writing tips
LaTeX guide
LaTeX template
Vocabulary flashcards and .tex file

Slides and worksheets

Set worksheet
First proof
Second proof
Third proof(s)
Open and closed sets
Direct proof
Proof by contrapositive/contradiction
Proof by induction
Binomial coefficients
Equivalence relations
Modular arithmetic

Video lectures

Section 1.1 Sets and elements (slides)
Section 1.2 Cartesian product (slides)
Section 1.3-4 Subsets (slides)
Section 1.5-6 Set operations (slides)
Section 1.7 Venn diagrams (slides)
Section 1.8 Indexed sets (slides)
Section 2.1-4 Logical statements I (slides)
Section 2.6 Logical statements II (slides)
Section 2.7 Logical statements III (slides)
Section 2.10 Logical statements IV (slides)