Discrete Mathematics (MATH 2001) Spring 2016

  • Office: Math 223
  • Email: thomas.gassert at colorado.edu
  • Office hours: By appointment and
  • Monday 3:00 PM -- 4:30 PM
    Tuesday 9:00 AM -- 10:00 AM
    Friday 3:00 PM -- 4:00 PM

Complete course contents

The following document contains all material related to this course in a single pdf. The document also contains a number of remarks including my teaching philosophy, reflections, and how certain materials may need to be altered before re-using.



Text book: [pdf] [website]
Course syllabus: [pdf] [tex]
Flashcards: [pdf] [tex]
LaTeX guide: [pdf] [tex]
Book exercise template: [pdf] [tex] [Overleaf]

Proof Portfolio

Portfolio template (full): [pdf] [tex] [Overleaf]
Proof 1: [txt] Final draft due Feb 22
Proof 2: [txt] Final draft due Feb 26
Proof 3: [txt] Final draft due Feb 29
Proof 4: [txt] Final draft due Mar 4
Proof 5: [txt] Final draft due Mar 7
Proof 6: [txt] Final draft due Mar 7
Proof 7: [txt] Final draft due Mar 9
Proof 8: [txt] Final draft due Mar 14
Proof 9: [txt] Final draft due Mar 19
Proof 10: [txt] Final draft due Mar 30
Proof 11: [txt] Final draft due Apr 4
Proof 12: [txt] Final draft due Apr 11
Proof 13: [txt] Final draft due Apr 15
Proof 14: [txt] Final draft due Apr 20
Proof 15: [txt] Final draft due May 2


Sets: [pdf] [tex]
Subsets: [pdf] [tex]
Cartesian product: [pdf] [tex]
Set operations: [pdf] [tex]
Indexed sets: [pdf] [tex]
First proof: [pdf] [tex]
First proof slides: [pdf] [tex]
Second proof: [pdf] [tex]
Definition review: [pdf] [tex]
Definition review II: [pdf] [tex]
"For some" [pdf] [tex]
Statement negations [pdf] [tex]
Proofs with negations [pdf] [tex]
Conditionals and quantifiers [pdf] [tex]
Proof by contradiction/contrapositive [pdf] [tex]
Introduction to topology [pdf] [tex]
Open and closed sets [pdf] [tex]
Relations [pdf] [tex]
Equivalence relations [pdf] [tex]
Modular arithmetic [pdf] [tex]
Functions [pdf] [tex]
Inverses [pdf] [tex]
Induction I [pdf] [tex]
Induction II [pdf] [tex]

Quiz solutions

Quiz grades are posted on D2L.

Quiz 1: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 2: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 3: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 4: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 5: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 6: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 7: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 8: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 9: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 10: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 11: [pdf] [tex]
Quiz 12: [pdf] [tex]

Final exam

The final exam is on May 5 from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM in our classroom (MUEN E417). Last semester's final. The first question on this test includes some material that we did not cover this semester, but most of the problem is still relevant to our class.

LaTeX resources

Overleaf: [link]
LaTeX Wikibook: [link]
Look up TeX symbols: [link]
Obtain LaTeX: [link]

Video consent form

This semester, I am participating in a study that is looking at teaching strageties in mathematics. A full description of the study can be found here. A number of our classes will be filmed; please fill out the consent form linked below. (It will only take a second.)

Consent form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GassertStudentVideoConsent

Please complete the following survey

This semester, I have been participating in a study that is looking at teaching strageties in mathematics. As a follow up to this study, please complete the following survey.

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